Sunday, November 10, 2013


Women in Network Marketing

Women are uniquely suited to network marketing. 
Read on to find out the distinct advantages most women
 in network marketing possess.Did you know that 
women represent about 82% of the network 
marketing industry? That statistic may seem
 surprising but it actually makes a great deal
 of sense for two reasons 

  • Most women have qualities and skills that make them  uniquely suited to network marketing
  • The flexible nature of network marketing makes it particularly appealing to women
Advanced people skills
Why are women just so good at network marketing? Well, network marketing is a people and communication business.  It's about relationship building. Women tend to have advanced social and people skills.  They empathise with others and are good at listening and understanding another's situation  These abilities help them identify their customers' needs.  They can easily determine if a prospect is committed to joining their network marketing team.
Women's intuition
You've probably heard of women's intuition.  It's that ability to sense the right course of action even when you don't have all the facts.  It can be invaluable in network marketing where you need to determine what a customer is thinking, or whether you feel good about a prospective business associate.
Women are also know for their ability of multi-task.  Running a busy, successful network marketing business is easier for skilled multi-taskers. They know how to focus on more than one task at a tme are are more productive.
Willingness to learn
When a couple is lost, it's often the women who is willing to ask for directions. That's because women are usually comfortable asking questions. They're not concerned that this will make them appear inadequate or ignorant. This willingness to learn and explore new ideas allows women in network marketing to continually build their knowledge and expertise.  Their openness helps them become better and better at what they do.
                                                      Personal recommendations
Women make most of the buying decisions in families, especially for consumables.  When buying  new product women love to find out the facts, and what others think first.  Personal recommendations sell products.  Women share recommendations with each other all the time - the great movie they saw last week, their new stylist who is so good at colour, the new gym they just joined.
Network marketing is built around personal recommendations.  You must be an evangelist for the products you are selling.  If you truly love your products, the women's network of product recommendations will work its magic for you.
Flexibility of network marketing
Network marketing offers many women the solution to the common modern dilemma - how to combine raising a family with earning an income and pursuing satisfying work.  Network marketing is usually home based and can be pursued part-time with flexible working hours.  You are your own boss so you can decide when and for how long you are going to work. You don't waste time commuting.
A busy Mom can spend time with her children while still earning income in her business.  As the children become older and more independent, there is the chance to put more time into the network marketing business and really build wealth and work towards financial freedom.
Deja Lewis with 25 year old Blue Diamond Casey Nielsen-Martin
I rest my case, women are uniquely suited to the exciting world of network marketing.  What are you waiting for? Flexibility, a challenging opportunity, prosperity and financial independence are just waiting for you.  Why not launch your career in network marketing today

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