Sunday, September 8, 2013

To Think is to PUT IT IN INK!

I was talking to my younger brother the other day and we were discussing goals. He wants to go to college and get a degree in marketing and get a good job. So I asked him "OK, where do you start? What school do you want to go? Have you taken the SAT?” He didn't know. 

Having a goal is more than just saying I want to do something, you have to have a specific goal and you have to have a plan in place to achieve that goal. You can’t start a business without a business plan. And if you do, the chance of that business succeeding is highly unlikely. 

Lots of people have all these great ideas of things they want to achieve but have no guidance or haven't put any serious thought to actually achieving it. Think of getting in your car driving. Let’s say you want to get to New York and you have never driven there before. Without a GPS or a Map you will probably never get there, and if you did, I'm sure you will have gotten lost a few times, made a few wrong turns, or you may have gotten frustrated and turned around (give up). It's the same as going through life without set goals. Goals are your GPS.

If you have something you want to do, whether it’s going back to school, starting a business, writing a book, write it down. To think is to put it in ink! When you put your goals on paper, they become real! Not just thoughts in your head. Make long term goal list and short term goal list with a completion date. Put your goals all around you. Look at them every day and hold yourself accountable on taking the necessary action steps to accomplish those goals. You may have set backs. That’s OK! That's just your GPS rerouting. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be The Change

"There was an old man who had a dog. His friend came to visit and noticed the dog was groaning and groaning. The friend asked “Why is your dog groaning?” 
The old man answered that his dog was sitting on a nail. “Well, why is your dog sitting on the nail if it hurts him so? Why doesn’t he just move?”

The old man answered “Because it doesn’t hurt him enough.”

And so it is with our motivation to change. Change can be very difficult and uncomfortable. Our habits, good or bad, become our best friends and our defense mechanisms against outside forces. They are our comfort and what we know. Stepping into the unknown and outside of our comfort zone can be very painful and frightening.

Think of the change equation as:

Successful Change = pain of what we want to change IS GREATER THAN pain of making the change

how much are you going to endure, until you say enough is enough? how long are going to complain about your job, your health or your current situation until you decide to get up off that nail and do something about? There is no time like the present. 

Start that business, go back to school, invest in yourself! what ever it is that you want do it!!! Choose Happiness And Never Make Excuses. CHANGE