Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be The Change

"There was an old man who had a dog. His friend came to visit and noticed the dog was groaning and groaning. The friend asked “Why is your dog groaning?” 
The old man answered that his dog was sitting on a nail. “Well, why is your dog sitting on the nail if it hurts him so? Why doesn’t he just move?”

The old man answered “Because it doesn’t hurt him enough.”

And so it is with our motivation to change. Change can be very difficult and uncomfortable. Our habits, good or bad, become our best friends and our defense mechanisms against outside forces. They are our comfort and what we know. Stepping into the unknown and outside of our comfort zone can be very painful and frightening.

Think of the change equation as:

Successful Change = pain of what we want to change IS GREATER THAN pain of making the change

how much are you going to endure, until you say enough is enough? how long are going to complain about your job, your health or your current situation until you decide to get up off that nail and do something about? There is no time like the present. 

Start that business, go back to school, invest in yourself! what ever it is that you want do it!!! Choose Happiness And Never Make Excuses. CHANGE

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